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Axolotl Kit

Axolotl Kit

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Axolotl Kit - Free Shipping

This Kit Includes:

1x - 1.5 oz Invert Aquatics Axolotl Soft Pellets - Easy to feed sinking pellets that Axolotls just love. A great addition to a healthy Axies diet. Strong scent to make it easy for Axolotls to locate in their aquarium.

1x - Wood Feeding Tongs - These soft wood tongs measure 11" Long and make feeding live foods, like earthworms, easy and safe. Metal tweezers can cause accidental injury to axolotls if they accidentally bite them, these long Wood Tongs make it easy to feed and ensure no sharp or hard edges if they do clamp down on them.

1x - Digital Thermometer - Easy to ready Digital Thermometer with both Fahrenheit and Celsius settings. Battery & 2 Suction Cups included!

1x - Extra Large Net - This net is very large! It is great for removing large adult axolotls easily. Made with a soft mesh net, and a sturdy wire handle. Please note due to the size of this net, it will arrive bent in half, and will need to be straightened out. Net Measures 10" x 8.5" and 22" Long with handle.

1x - Large Bulb Pipette  - Makes debris and waste removal easy! Spot cleaning is necessary when it comes to owning axolotls. Also great for stirring up substrate. (11.25" Long)

1x - Artificial Anacharis Plant - Large artificial plant that adds some greenery to your habitat! Has a weighted base so will remained submerged even if your axies decide to redecorate. Also great for spawning! 12" Tall!

1x - Axolotl Pin - This enamel pin is an added bonus for you! Includes a safety back to make it easy to attach to clothing (1" x 1.25")

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