Why Copper-Free Foods?

Why do we make such a big deal about Copper-Free Foods? It's because Copper is deadly to practically all Invertebrates! Here at Invert Aquatics, we LOVE our invertebrates and cater to their needs, as well as the other creatures you are raising. That's why we design all of our foods to not only be nutritional & enticing for your pet, but safe for all the other creatures in your aquarium! 

Feeding fish flakes to your tropical fish? Many well known brands sell flakes that contain copper, the excess food that makes its way to bottom are then eaten by our scavenging invertebrates, sometimes making them sick or even killing them.

Have you had trouble keeping shrimp or snails alive? This may be a big part of why! Even some of the better-known Algae Wafers on the market are made for bottom feeding fish, but we all known how much our snails love them! But they also contain copper, and we are inadvertently poisoning our beloved invertebrates!

Have you checked your ingredients? It may be time to pull out all the different foods you have been adding to your aquariums and check to see if they contain any copper or copper related ingredients. You will be surprised how common it is used in the manufacturing of aquatic pet foods!

Make the switch! Now that you have discovered a safe alternative, its time to switch over to our Copper-Free Specialty Foods! Keep all your pets happy and safe! Try our Betta Foods, Tropical Fish Flakes & Various Bottom Feeder Foods to cover all the types of aquarium creatures you are keeping!