Shrimp Kit

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Shrimp Kit ~ Free Shipping

This Shrimp Starter Kit Includes everything you need to start your journey of Aquarium Shrimp Keeping!

1.5 oz Invert Aquatics Nutrispheres - An advanced daily diet for bottom dwelling aquatic creatures. Specially designed for Shrimp, Snails & Crab. Quick sinking pellets that wont cloudy your water and are small enough for you shrimp to roll away into their hides. Complete Daily Nutrition.

1x Glass Feeding Dish - (2 3/8" Diameter x 5/8" Tall) Easily keep sinking food one place for your shrimp to feed.

1x Peel & Stick Thermometer - (4 3/8" x 3/4")

1x Net - (3" x 2.75" - 12.5" Long)

1x Feeding Cage - (2 1/2" x 2") Great for feeding foods that commonly float, will sink them to bottom and make for easy removal!

1x Live Marimo Moss Ball - (approx 2" Diameter) Submerge in your aquarium and gently squeeze out any air. This live plant will naturally filter impurities from your water and make a great decoration!

5x Catappa Leaves - (Almond Leaves, Terminalia, Ketapang) Each Leaf is Approx. 5-8" Long and 3-5" Wide (exact color and size will vary due to this being a natural item) Many people use them to help condition their water, removing heavy metals, releasing natural tannins and lowering the PH. They have also been used to help promote spawning in shrimp. Leaves will naturally break down in aquarium over time. Shrimp and snails often will munch on them as well.

25x Alder Cones - (Alder Cones are very small, please keep this in mind! Each is about the size of a dime) Alder Cones are a great addition to aquariums with shrimp. Alder cones release high amounts of tannins in the water (creating a tan/brown water color) To decrease the amount of Tannins in the water, you can first boil alder cones. Cool and rinse before adding to aquarum. Slowly add cones in, one by one, to see how much tannins they release.

10x Mineral Balls - Each is 10mm in size and provides great entertainment to shrimp while it slowly dissolves adding nutrients and purifying your aquarium water. Mineral Balls can be directly added to the water after gently rinsing.