Betta Kit

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Betta Kit - Free Shipping

This Kit Includes:

1x - 1.5 oz Invert Aquatics Extreme Color Betta Bits - Floating Pellet Diet that brings out the bright colors in your Betta Fish!

1x - 1.5 oz Invert Aquatics Ultimate Betta Bits  - Floating Pellet Diet infused with California Blackworms for appetite stimulation. High Protein Food to help healthy growth and spawning.

1x - 1.5 oz Invert Aquatics Color Boost Betta Bits - Floating Pellet Diet created to enhance the natural colors of your Betta.

1x - Soft Mesh Telescoping Net -  This high quality net has a finer mesh than most commercial grade aquarium, helps prevent accidental damage to your bettas fins. The telescoping handle makes it useful in all situations! Net Diameter - 2.25", Length - 8" extends up to 18.5" (handle color may vary)

1x - Live Marimo Moss Ball - Marimo Moss Balls make a great addition to any aquarium or betta habitat! A natural filter, these LIVE plants have a unique charm and vibrant color.  Approx Diameter - .75"

1x - Betta Hammock - This artificial plant easily suction cups to the side of your bettas enclosure and allows your betta to rest on the plant. Approx 4" x 5"

1x - Artificial Leafy Grass Plant - Weighted base for easy placement, adds color and enrichment to your bettas enclosure. 5" Tall x 1.5" Wide

3x - Catappa Leaves - Great for managing PH, helping fight fungal issues and add a natural coloration to water. Rinse well before use. Try using a small piece of leaf first. Will add natural tannins to your water creating a brown hue to your water. Generally 5" x 3"

1x - Peel & Stick Thermometer - Easy to read Temperatures both Fahrenheit and Celsius. 4 3/8" Tall x 3/4" Wide