Trinidad Plecostomus

Trinidad Plecostomus  (Hypostomus punctatus)

Temperament - Peaceful
PH - 6.0-7.5
Temperature - 62-82 Degrees F
Diet - Invert Aquatics Mini Algae Discs, Algae
Tank Size - 10 Gallons (as baby) - 70 Gallons (as adult)


Trinidad Plecostomus are a great addition to your aquarium as a mean for algae controls. They are herbivores and meticulous algae cleaners. They are found in the Amazon region of South America, often in flood waters. Breeding has not been successful in captivity. They do well in community tanks, as they are a peaceful tropical fish. 



Trinidad Plecostomus can reach 11" in size and will need to be housed in larger aquariums as they grow. Plenty of plants and decorations are recommended for their environment to ensure they feel secure. If a lack of algae is present in your aquarium you should supplement them with Mini Algae Discs.


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