Spiny Asian Nerite Snail Care Sheet

Spiny Asian Nerite Snail (Neritina sp.) 

Temperament - Peaceful
PH - 6.5-8.0
Temperature -  65-85 Degrees F
Diet - Algae, Invert Aquatics Micro Mix
Tank Size - 5 Gallons+

Nerite Snails are one of the best algae cleaning snails in the hobby! They will spend their whole day cleaning excess algae off your decorations and glass. One positive aspect of having these snails is that they cannot reproduce in freshwater, so you no need to worry about overpopulation! They may lay eggs (which look like little white sesame seeds) but the eggs will not hatch in freshwater conditions. Spiny Asian Nerite Snails can vary slightly in color and patterns but they are mostly known for their spikes. They stay very small (about the size of pencil eraser) It is best to keep them away from large predatory fish, however many fish learn to not mess with them because of their sharp spines.

Nerite Snails can be acclimated to different water types! These Nerite Snails are currently acclimated to freshwater aquariums, but they can alternatively be used in brackish and saltwater tanks with the proper acclimation! Please do not add directly to brackish or saltwater aquariums, they will need to be properly acclimated first. Can be directly added to freshwater aquariums!

** Do NOT Use Medications, Chemicals or Foods containing Copper - This is deadly to all Snails. Click HERE for more information about Copper-Free Foods **

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