Platy Care Sheet

Platy (xiphophorus maculatus)

Temperament - Peaceful
Max Size - 2"
PH - 7.0-8.2
Temperature - 64-77 Degrees F
Diet - Tropical FlakesTropical Small Bites,  Frozen Foods
Tank Size - 10 Gallons and Larger  
Platies are a common tropical community fish because of their friendly nature, bright color variations and ease of care. Platies have many variations including red, red wag, rainbow, pineapple, mickey mouse and many more. Platies stay relatively small, maxing out at about 2 inches. They do best in small groups and kept with other peaceful community fish. 
Platies are live bearing fish, giving birth to fully formed baby fish. They can produce at a very quick rate, one female can have 10-30 babies every 30 days. The babies will often be eaten if they are not separated, or if you have a densely planted tank with plenty of hiding spaces for the fry. 
Just like most tropical community fish, they eat a variety of foods including flakes, pellets and frozen foods. Its recommended to feed small amounts multiple times per day, and only feeding what can be consumed within 2 minutes. 
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