Mystery Snail Care Sheet

Mystery Snail Pomacea 

Temperament - Peaceful
PH - 7.0-7.5
Temperature - 65-82 Degrees F
Diet - Invert Aquatic's Micro Mix - Blanched Veggies, Cuttle Bone Calcium
Tank Size - 5 Gallons and Larger

Mystery Snails are a great addition to any community aquarium. Mystery Snails are friendly to other creatures and do a great job of cleaning algae and debris from your tank. Mystery Snails can easily grow to the size of a golf ball and can live up to 4 years in the right conditions. Smaller snails may fall victim to the powerful intakes of some filtration systems. If you have a strong intake it is recommended to cover it with mesh or sponge to avoid smaller snails from becoming stuck.

One main advantage of Mystery Snails is that they will not overpopulate your tank, much like many of the other aquarium snail species. These snails will only lay egg sacks above the water line and can easily be removed to keep them from hatching in your tank. Mystery Snails require a good source of calcium in order to keep their shell healthy and growing thick. We offer our Mystery Snails constant access to a Cuttle bone to supplement the necessary calcium they need to grow. Our Mystery Snails are also fed Invert Aquatic's Micro Mix, a mixture of Algae Discs and Sinking Pellets, which is a great daily staple for almost all bottom feeding creatures. We also occasionally offer blanched zucchini and other softened veggies. 

                             Filter Intake Sponge         

Mystery Snails are hardy little creatures, when you first receive them, they often will stay hidden in their shells, sometimes appearing lifeless for hours on end. Usually after a day of acclimating in a new tank they will begin exploring. Dead snails will not hide in their shells, they will hang lifeless out of it. It is never good to try and force a snail open or out of its shell. They can easily be injured in trying. 

** Do NOT Use Medications, Chemicals or Foods containing Copper - This is deadly to all Snails. Click HERE for more information about Copper-Free Foods **

What is Light Foot and Dark Foot? The "Foot" Refers to the body, a Mystery Snail with a dark body is a Dark Foot, and one with a white/yellow/albino body is a Light Foot. The foot color can also change how the shell color appears. 

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