Guppies Care Sheet

Guppies  (Poecilia Reticulata)

(Fancy) Guppy, Millionfish

Temperament - Peaceful
PH - 5.5-8.0
Temperature - 64-82 Degrees F
Diet - Invert Aquatics Tropical Flakes, Frozen Foods
Tank Size - 10 Gallons and Larger


Guppies tend to be a peaceful community fish that do best in small groups. They grow to reach a max size of 2 1/2". These livebearing fish are very easy to breed and have become very popular in the industry because of their bright colors and friendly demeanor. These mix well with other community fish, snails, shrimp and frogs. Larger, more aggressive fish may pick on guppies by nipping their tails. We recommend only keeping them with other peaceful community fish. 

Our guppies are primarily raised on Tropical Flakes, Live Daphnia & Frozen Brine Shrimp. They will eat a wide variety of live and frozen foods. 

Female Guppies can produce up to 30 fry every 30 days, making it very easy to grow a population quickly. Fry will often be eaten by adult guppies or other fish, if you are wanting to raise the fry keep your tank heavily planted so they have plenty of hiding spots or raise them in a breeder box. It is recommended to stock 2-3 Female Guppies for every Male Guppy you have. Male Guppies can become mildly aggressive towards each other if they are trying to compete for mating. This can lead to them nipping each other tails. 

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