Freshwater Clams Care Sheet

Freshwater Clam  (Corbicual sp.) 

Temperament - Peaceful 
PH - 6.5-8.0
Temperature - 65-85 Degrees F
Diet - Filter Feeder (may need to be supplemented)
Tank Size - 10 Gallons


Freshwater Clams are great filter feeders! A well established aquarium is needed in order to properly house Freshwater Clams. They also require sand or very fine gravel as a substrate, most clams will bury themselves under the substrate and will raise their siphon from the sand in order to feed.

There is no need to feed them as they eat the micro organisms that are in your aquariums water, though if you have low amounts of excess debris you can supplement them with Algae Discs, by allowing them to dissolve in the water. This may be necessary as Clams are such great filters! Not only do they filter detritus and uneaten food they simultaneously are lowering nitrate levels. 

These clams will not harm your plants as they burrow into your sand or fine gravel. Great for ponds also! They can grow to a maximum size of 2". Corbicual Clams are live bearers, meaning they will give live birth to their young. 

 ** Do NOT Use Medications, Chemicals or Foods containing Copper - This is deadly to all Inverts. Click HERE for more information about Copper-Free Foods **

Due to local laws & regulations, we cannot ship clams to Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota or Wisconsin

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