Fiddler Crab Care Sheet

Fiddler Crab 

Temperament - Peaceful
PH - 8.0-8.2
Temperature - 74-84 Degrees F
Diet - Invert Aquatics Crab & Crayfish Sinking Blended Diet
Tank Size - 5 Gallons+ (2 per 5 gallons)


Males have one distinct large claw, while females have two smaller claws. Freshwater crabs with an adult size of about 2". Can be fully aquatic, however it is ideal that they have access to dry land. They should be kept in a secure habitat as they are known to be escape artists. They also require some salt in their water as they are naturally brackish water creatures. We keep ours in a terrarium that has both a fresh water and salt water bowls, large enough for them to full submerge themselves. They love sand and in nature will often burrow down into it for cover. 

They are great at cleaning up algae and scavenging on other debris but also should be substituted with a sinking pellet diet (Like Ours!) Breeding Fiddler Crabs is very difficult and rarely accomplished in captivity. As they grow they will shed their exoskeleton and will often consume it after. 


From Matamoros, Mexico and South Florida. (We generally source these from South Florida)

** Do NOT Use Medications, Chemicals or Foods containing Copper - This is deadly to all Inverts. Click HERE for more information about Copper-Free Foods 

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