Chinese Praying Mantis Care Sheet

Chinese Praying Mantis 

Temperament: Aggressive  
Diet: Insects 
Temperature: 70-85 Degrees F 
Humidity: 60-65%
Size: 2"


Chinese Praying Mantis are a smaller species of Mantids that are a great natural alternative to pesticides! Many people purchase these for their gardens & orchards to eat pests (will not eat ladybugs). One Egg Case can hatch up to 200 Baby Praying Mantis. 

Chinese Praying Mantis can get up to 2" and live 5 months. They cannot survive temperatures under 50 degrees, so it is best to not release them outside until your local overnight lows are above that. They can also be kept as pets, they are very tame and can be handled. Though they will be aggressive towards each other, and if left together they will eat each other.

How to Hatch: Chinese Praying Mantis Egg Cases only hatch when exposed to 75-80 Degree F for an extended period of time. The egg cases cases can be left in a cooler room or refrigerator until you are ready to hatch them, freezing temperatures do not harm the egg cases. Once consistently exposed to 75+ Degree F for 4-8 weeks the Mantis will begin hatching. Each egg case generally hatches 50-200 Mantis. It is best to mist lightly every few days with dechlorinated water. Most of the time, they will all hatch withing the same day, however can take up to 2 weeks for the entire case to hatch. 

Once hatched you can release them into your garden, trees or other plants. They will begin eating each other if no food source is readily available. They can be supplemented with small fruit flies if you decide to keep them indoors. 

Egg cases are responsibly harvested. 

View available Praying Mantis Egg Cases HERE.