Chinese Algae Eater Care Sheet

Chinese Algae Eater (gyrinocheilos aymonieri) 

Temperament - Semi-Aggressive 
Max Size - 10"
PH - 6.8 - 7.4
Temperature - 74-79 Degrees F
Diet - Algae, Mini Algae Discs
Tank Size - 30 Gallons and Larger 
Chinese Algae Eaters are long slender sucker mouth fish that are great cleaners of waste food and algae. They do well in most tropical community aquariums, however can be territorial especially as they grow in size. They can live in a variety of water conditions but can easily be stressed when large swings in parameters happen. 
Its important to have lots of rocks, caves, plants or decorations that they can hide in. If there is a lack of algae or food sources in your aquarium its good to supplement them with algae discs to keep them well fed. 
There is no documented successful captive breeding of Chinese Algae Eaters, so they are currently all imported from Asia. There is also very little known information about how to identify genders of these fish. 
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