Bumble Bee Millipede Care Sheet

Bumble Bee Millipede (anadenobolus monilicornis)

Temperament: Peaceful 
Diet: Decaying Organic Material, Vegetables 
Temperature: 72-82 Degrees F (Room Temp) 
Humidity: Medium (Enough Moisture for them to Drink) 
Size: 2.5"-3"


Bumble Bee Millipedes are great pet insects, especially for beginners as they require low maintenance, do not grow too large and have unique markings. Striped like a bumble bee with grays and yellows these little guys stand out. They can be housed in small containers and aquariums with eco-earth substrate or similar type natural ground cover. They primarily will eat decomposing leaf and wood matter in the wild, so having dried leaves and woods as decorations is beneficial. Supplementing them with fresh fruit or leafy green vegetables is also recommended. You can offer a small, shallow, dish of water for them to drink or you can mist your enclosure often to let them drink water droplets off various objects. Misting the cage is important to maintain a medium humidity as well. Because they like to burrow, it is best to have a few inches of substrate deep for them to forage through. 

Bumble Bee Millipedes do great in small groups, and breeding them is quite easy. With most Millipedes you can identify their gender by looking at their 7th section from the head. If the legs look smaller than normal, it is most likely a male. 

Remember, all Millipedes are toxic when eaten. They can secrete a liquid that can stain your skin for several days and can be noxious smelling. This is a common defense mechanism. It is best to closely monitor children while they are handling them and make sure to wash your hands right after. Millipedes commonly have mites that clean them, this is perfectly normal and you should not worry about the health of the animal. 

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