5 Catappa Leaves, 25 Alder Cones & 10 Mineral Balls (Indian Almond Leaves, Terminilia)

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5 Catappa Leaves (Almond Leaves, Terminalia, Ketapang) 25 Alder Cones, 10 Mineral Balls

Each Leaf is Approx. 5-8" Long and 2-4" Wide (exact color and size will vary due to this being a natural item) You will receive 5 Leaves. Alder Cones are very small (1/2"x1/4") You will receive 25 Alder Cones and 10 Mineral Balls (10mm each)

Catappa Leaves are commonly used amongst aquarium owners because they have many positive effects on your home fish tank. Many people use them to help condition their water, removing heavy metals, releasing natural tannins and lowering the PH. They have also been used to help promote spawning in shrimp and other aquarium creatures. They have been known to also have mild anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The leaves will naturally water log after 1-3 days, and can remain in the tank until almost completely dissolved

Shrimp LOVE Alder Cones! Not only do they make an attractive, natural decor for your aquarium, they have many beneficial properties as well! Alder Cones can lower the PH in your aquarium, creating a more sustainable environment. They also have Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial properties, which is great for sensitive shrimp. Generally the effects last 1-2 months, but the cones can remain in your aquarium as decor. Young shrimp also can use these cones as a safe place to hide. Shrimp tend to be fascinated with these cones and can provide a good amount of entertainment!

Mineral Balls will very slowly dissolve in your aquariums water adding many beneficial, natural elements to your aquarium water all while purifying your water. Shrimp also seem to be infatuated with Mineral Balls! You will receive 5 Tourmaline Mineral Balls and 5 Maifanitum Mineral Balls.

Please note: It is always a good idea to boil your Alder Cones, and then soak them in water for 24 hours before placing them in your aquarium. Natural Tannins are secreted from these natural cones and will discolor your water, this can be greatly reduced by boiling and soaking them first.

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